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Changes in credit risk assessment as an impact of coronavirus

Use our services to supplement or replace internal capacities in relation to anti-coronavirus measures ...


CADCalc Market

Did you know that thanks to its functionalities, the CADCalc® Market is an appropriate and useful tool for example also for real estate funds?



We use our knowledge and experience to provide financial and other institutions with expert advice on financial and risk management.



We offer both in-house and open seminars aimed at specialists and managers in the area of financial and risk management.



We design and develop custom-tailored solutions for credit, market, liquidity, and operational risk management.


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Our company has been on the market since 1999. We are convinced that we belong among the most experienced in our field.

We have been working systematically in the field of financial management, especially financial risk management. Our clients and their success are the key priorities of our effort.

We offer both advisory services as well as specialized seminars with our in-house and also external experts. We develop and help to implement customized software in compliance with customer needs.

Why are we unique?

  • We do only what we understand
  • We do our best to meet the all the needs and requirements of our clients
  • We communicate clearly – in the language of our clients
  • We always try to find a solution customized to the needs of our clients
  • We do our best to communicate our know-how in such a way that our clients understand what we are doing for them
  • We take care of our clients from start to finish (including outstanding after sales service)

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