Smart About Risk  
ARM offer regarding coronavirus

Changes in credit risk assessment

Following the action taken on coronavirus, banks now face challenges in credit risk management. In relation to these challenges, we are ready to supplement your capacity and provide you with support.

Development of strategies and scorecards for decision making

ARM would like to offer you its services concentrated on the credit risk management designed for clients truly or seemingly affected by coronavirus:

  • Creating and setting a bank´s strategy towards these clients,
  • Preparation of internal procedures and methodologies,
  • Development of special scorecards for decision making,
  • Independent validation of already developed scorecards,
  • Verification of compliance of applied approaches and procedures with the regulatory framework,
  • Assistance in setting up internal processes and systems,
  • Comprehensive independent audits of implemented solutions.

Monitoring of credit exposures

Banks’ internal systems developed for the purpose of continuous monitoring of credit exposures are very important for the timely identification of deteriorated financial situation of clients. The importance of these systems has increased in the current situation when clients face a number of new challenges.

ARM would like to offer you its services focused on internal credit monitoring systems:

  • Development of internal monitoring systems including drafting related methodologies and working procedures,
  • Update or upgrade of your current systems to add new relevant features such as new Early Warning Indicators,
  • Assistance when you are working on the connection of the monitoring system to the transaction system and other relevant systems,
  • Development of internal reports with various hierarchical levels such as product, client and connected clients levels,
  • Assistance in setting up internal processes,
  • Review of implemented monitoring systems.